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The Johnny Clip 2x4 Shell Caddy is a shell holder for 2.75”-3” 12 gauge shotgun shells. It allows users to ‘load-two’ or ‘load-four’ for their tube fed shotgun. As you can see in the video, speed loading can be accomplished easily and more efficiently with practice. These methods are easy to learn and are very fast. The Johnny Clip 2x4 is ideal for any rapid shotgun shooting sport. It allows shooters to minimize loading time and get back to shooting. The Johnny Clip 2x4 is ideal for tactical applications, 3 Gun competition and bird hunting.

  • 8 Shell Capacity.
  • Tight spacing between shells arranged to allow ‘load-two’ or ‘load-four’ methods.
  • Four mounting solutions: 2” Belt, Molle, BladeTech Tek-Lok, and Safari Land ELS.
  • Simple, light, and rugged injection molded polymer.

The KISS 12 GA SFLR REM is a replacement for the stock shotgun follower.

  • Inside bearing surface reduced by 50%.
  • Grooves give fowling a place to move rather than pushing it back and forth (prevents binding)
  • Highly visible Canary Yellow (allows immediate confirmation that the tube is clear)
  • Constructed of a high strength polymer for years of use

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